As part of the Asia Pacific Knowledge Hub program, Department of Politics and Government in collaboration with Natural Resource Governance Institute conducts the annual training on "Improving The Governance of Extractive Industries" in Yogyakarta, Indonesia. Start in this year, we introduce the new topic: "Coalition for Reform in Extractive Industries" that will be held at the Faculty of Social and Political Sciences, Universitas Gadjah Mada in 9 - 21 January 2017. All of the activities will be delivered in english and mentored by qualified resource persons.

The training course aims to facilitate the sharing of knowledge, experiences and advocacy activities in extractive industries (EI) sectors. Several resource persons from the different backgrounds of EI sectors provides the fruitful discussion on class as well as on the fieldtrip. The reflections and lesson learnt will contribute for customization of framework and further action plan of EI policy advocacy.

The course opens for intermediate civil society organization activiest, policymakers, members of EITI multi-stakeholder groups, observer status for International Oil Company (IOC), government official, business practitioners, state-owned enterprise staff, and professionals involved oil, gas and mining in the Asia Pacific region. Competitive scholarships available for civil society participants from the following priority countries: Phillipines, Malaysia, Vietnam, Cambodia, Timor Leste, and Indonesia.

The course is scheduled with ten days face to face interaction in a classroom, setting as well as receiving coursework assignments, and a two-day fieldtrip. The training material is divided into five parts: Social-Environmental Impact; Tax, Royalty, and Contract Terms; Revenue Management; Expanding Disclosure Requirements of EITI; Coalition for Reform.


How to Participate?

All applicants for the course should send documents as follows:

  1. Application form. Please fill out application from
  2. Lastest version of resume/CV.
  3. A letter of commitment.
  4. A short essay responding to these following questions:
    • Why do you want to participate in this course?
    • How important is it and how does it relate to your current job/activity?
    • What is your action plan after the course / how do you foresee implementing what you have gained from the course with your institutional needs?
  5. A Letter from your employer in support your application, which also describes the organization’s work related to the extractive industries.
  6. A passport size picture.
  7. Copy of English proficiency certificate.

All of these documents are submitted to by November 30, 2016. Only the short list candidates will be interviewed by phone / skype.

Who can participate?

  1. CSO activists
  2. EITI country members
  3. National Oil Company(NOC)  employees
  4. Observer status for International Oil Company (IOC)
  5. Government officials
  6. Business practitioners
  7. Journalist

We offer competitive scholarship for 10 outstanding candidates coming from CSO activists, EITI national secretariat staff and MSG members and selected government officials from the following countries: Philippines, Myanmar, Vietnam, Timor Leste and Indonesia. The scholarship covers the course fee, accommodation, and airfare. 

Self-funded participants will cover the course fee of USD 2,000. This includes learning modules, field-trip, meals and accommodation during the course. This fee does not include airfare and other travel-related expenses.

For more information, please email Mr Muhamad Djindan at 


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